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Oculus Release Update, Fixes Tracking, adds Features

Oculus has updated their software to version 1.2 after a delay from January to February. The new update fixes some tracking issues when the Touch Controllers would lose tracking when out of sight from the cameras. Oculus has also addressed the problem when height would be off. For example, you may appear taller than you were, meaning when you reach for something on the ground your physical hand would hit the floor first (Particularly painful)

Update 1.2 also adds some new welcome features. Oculus version 1.2 allows you to complete the install of a new app from within VR. Previously, you had to remove your headset to complete the process on your PC. Just ensure Oculus Home is launched with Admin privileges.

1.2 New Features:

In Oculus Store, you can now report user reviews as spam.

You'll no longer have to leave VR to finish installing new apps and games when they're done downloading if you have administrator privileges on your Windows User Account.

You can now mirror audio out of the Rift headset to your computer speakers, under Settings -> Devices in the Oculus app.

1.2 Bug-fixes:

Fixed issue with the appearance of Oculus Home on the first launch.

Improved tracking quality with Oculus Rift and Touch.

Fixed several issues causing height and position to move while in VR. These problems were side effects of improvements made to a recalibration in 1.11, especially in cases where one sensor was particularly far away. We improved that process to be smoother and more reliable. We will continue to work on further improvements in these areas.

Improved support for Unity content.

Fixed freezing and black screen issues when switching back to an app or game from Universal Menu, or when unpausing an app or game.
Fixed texture rendering and color rendering issues for certain types of overlays.

Improved support for Unreal Engine UE4 content.

Fixed flickering issue when Asynchronous SpaceWarp is active on lower-spec systems.
Fixed rendering efficiency issue with intermediate render targets.