Oculus Rift Consumer Version - First Look and Detailed Pictures


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Just seems like yesterday I was writing a review on the Oculus Rift Crescent Bay at CES. That was January and today in June I am writing a review on the Oculus Rift Consumer version.

The constant march of technology is always amazing and in the world of VR things are changing even quicker!

As I have mentioned in some of the Oculus Rift CV1 game reviews the Oculus booth at E3 is impressive. Second only to the big boys such as Microsoft, Sony and others.

Oculus rift E3 booth

I will not be discussing games here just my thoughts on the consumer version of the rift after playing three different games on the Oculus Rift Consumer version.

Oculus Rift Consumer Version First Look - Edge of Nowhere

Oculus Rift Consumer Version First Look - EVE: Valkyrie

Oculus Rift Consumer Version First Look - Damaged Core by High Voltage

Oculus Rift Look and Feel

Oculus rift has come a long way from the boxy look of the DK1 and chunky look of the DK2.

The new Rift is lighter and dare I say it a little sexy now. Not sitting in a coffee shop sexy but certainly sitting at home with friends sexy. 

You place the rift onto your head in a similar way to a baseball cap. Then you simply gently tighten the two side straps and one top strap to your head.

Click each pic to ZOOMOculus Rift left side strap

Oculus Rift right side strap

Oculus Rift top side strap

The materials feel soft to the touch and although it’s hard to guess what it would be like wearing the rift for a few hours, it certainly seems good enough to allow you to go for a long Elite Dangerous trading run without any issue.

The headphones are simply turned from horizontal to vertical over your ears and fit similarly to over the ear headphones without the cups.

Oculus Rift Display – Can I see pixels?

The burning question among many DK1 and DK2 owners is can I see visible pixels?

DK1 and even DK2 had very noticeable pixels which meant on many games it was distracting and made text very difficult to read. On games such as Assetto Corsa, it was hard to see the upcoming corner.

The Oculus Rift consumer version we know features a dual display 2160×1200 at 90Hz and it almost removes visible pixels but not entirely. Is it bad? Absolutely not. Could it be better? Certainly. Is it good enough? Absolutely!

The Oculus Rift consumer version still leaves a gap at the bottom of the rift so this lets you easily squint to see your controller but also lets in light. In reality (play on word here) you would want to play certain games in a dark room such as Elite Dangerous and Eve: Valkyrie.

Oculus Rift Sound Quality

After playing the three games I have a pretty good idea what these headphones can do.

Before I delve into sound quality remember it is very subjective. My opinion is from the point of view of an owner of six different headphones each costing about $300-$400. It is safe to say I’m a bit of a headphone geek. 

The Oculus headphones provide decent sound quality and reasonable bass but certainly don’t come close to your own dedicated headphone. Your own headphones will be able to provide much deeper bass and wider range of sound to really feel that dinosaur stomping on your head!

Oculus have considered this so you can simply use your own and leave the built-in headphones in the up position. Although I didn't try it, they are apparently also removable. 


There is one cable that comes out the back of the device most likely a combo power/HDMI cable. I was unable to see if it was split into USB/HDMI on the other end which it most likely does.

Field of View (FOV)
Click pic to ZOOMOculus Rift lens close up

Field of view appeared very similar to the 100 degrees in the DK2 device, perhaps a little more. If you glance to the side of your vision you’re very much aware there is something there. However how much this may bother you depends on the game/media you’re viewing.

For example Elite Dangerous or Eve: Valkyrie which are dark space games it doesn't really bother me. However when the image is very bright which is often the case in Edge of Nowhere then the feeling of looking through goggles becomes more apparent. After a few minutes though you adjust and it no longer bothers you.

Oculus Rift Camera

During the various demos the Oculus Rift camera was sitting about eye level 4-5 feet in front of me. As much as I moved around I could not get it to lose track of me. This thing is sexy as hell and a vast improvement over the DK2 plastic camera.

Oculus Rift Camera

Does the Oculus Rift Smell?

Many owners of the Oculus Rift DK2 complained of a strong chemical smell from the plastics. I can confirm that after trying three different Oculus Rifts CV1s I could not smell anything.

Half-Moon Controllers

Finally onto the half moon prototype controllers which were not available for demo at the time I visited. However here are some great close ups of the devices.

Click pic to ZOOMOculus Rift half moon controller

Oculus Rift half moon controller

Oculus Rift half moon controller