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EVE: Valkyrie is probably one of the most highly anticipated VR games expected to launch with the Oculus Rift in Q1 2016.
Today at E3 I was fortunate to be able to play Eve: Valkyrie on the actual consumer version of the Rift.

The Oculus Setup at E3 is pretty amazing. The Oculus booth is second in size only to the existing big players such as Microsoft and Sony. Considering Oculus essentially only deals in two products and one is not even released yet is perhaps a representation of the potential of VR.

The Oculus demo room this year at E3 is not the dark standing room used at CES but a well lit seated experience in a nice comfy chair.

The nice Oculus lady helped to attach the Oculus Rift to my head which felt light in my hands and on my head and the three straps easily allowed for a comfortable fit. Placed into my hands was the newly announced XBox One wireless controller.

The Oculus Rift consumer version still leaves a gap at the bottom of the rift so this lets you easily squint to see your controller but also lets in light. In reality (play on word here) you would want to play this in a dark room. 

The Eve: Valkyrie game starts off in the cockpit of a fighter space craft ready for launch. The seated experience is very similar to that of Elite Dangerous. You can look around, above, down, left and right, and look closer at controls and the glass in your cockpit.
After a few moments you're launched from the mother ship out into space. You're welcomed by large capital ships around you and the voice over the intercom warning that enemy ships are closing. Within seconds enemy ships warp in and the fun starts. Enemy ships are marked with red triangles and I shoot. I take out about 7 ships before my own is destroyed with the canopy cracking and my body exposed to the cold of space. I'm dead. Thankfully though this is VR and I can walk away.

Graphics are smooth and never stutter. I didn't feel any amount of Nausea in the 15 minutes I played the game and it was FUN!
Roll on Q1 2016 when everyone gets to play with one for themselves.

Coming soon - My in depth thoughts (and more pics) of the consumer version of the Oculus Rift.