Oculus Rift CV1 Consumer Version Rumors - Release Date Set This Fall 2015


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I suspect this is just the first of many Oculus Rift CV1 Rumors we will hear this year as the Consumer Version (CV1) of the Oculus Rift approaches. If rumors are to be believed we can finally get our hands on the Oculus Rift CV1 consumer version this Fall 2015.

Previously, it was reported that During the CES 2015 expo. Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe has allegedly told the attendees of the event that they can expect to get their hands at the Oculus Rift this 2015.

And now, Cyberland has reported that according to their sources, the production for the Oculus Rift consumer version has begun and that it would be available for everyone to buy sometime this Fall 2015.

Here's what to expect on the Oculus Rift consumer version once its release date comes:

The Oculus Rift consumer version will feature at greater than 1080p low-persistence-of-vision OLED display (Likely 1440p)
Expect there to be 7in displays, with 24-bit colour depth. Unlikely to be wireless, most likely an HDMI power combo cable similar to the current Oculus Crescent Bay prototype.

Meanwhile the price for the Oculus Rift consumer version, OVR co-founder Nate Mitchell said:

"We want to stay in that $200-$400 price range, that could slide in either direction depending on scale, pre-orders, the components we end up using, business negotiations."

"Whatever it is, it's going to be as cheap as possible," added co-founder Palmer Luckey. "That's really the goal."



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