Oculus Rift Dead Pixels Quick Fix



Few days ago I decided to do a few trading runs and make some money to perhaps upgrade my space ships guns.
I sat down into my ships seat and what did I see? Colored dots in my lower left hand side of my vision.
OH OH. Taking off my headset which of course sends me right back into my office from my "Space Ship" in Elite Dangerous.
I turned off the DK2, back on again, no luck. I do some quick Google searches and no real solution seems to be available. Some people said leaving the DK2 switched on showing the color that is stuck sometimes fixes it. Well, I was not too happy with that.
Turns out there is a quick fix for my "dead pixels", or what I thought was "dead pixels"
With the DK2 still on, I simply removed the left lens and sure enough there was a spec of dust clearly visible against the bright screen. Quick blow (should probably have used compressed air) and it was gone. Replaced the lens and phew, problem solved!

So the dead pixels were in fact not dead, just hidden with fluff!



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