Oculus Rift Driver Update 0.4.1 Beta


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New Features

  • Added “Pause Service...” option to the Configuration Utility, which temporarily releases DK2 sensor, allowing 0.3.x SDK applications to run.
  • Added Mac OS support. Mac does not currently include a display driver, so it always works in Extend Desktop mode.
  • Added ovr_InitializeRenderingShim function that can be used to hook rendering, needed Direct to HMD Mode, without spinning up the rest of LibOVR.

Bug Fixes

Oculus SDK

  • Removed SSE4.1 requirement that was problematic for some older AMD CPUs.
  • Fixed OpenGL support on AMD cards in direct mode.•Resolved Blue Screen that happened starting some demos with some video adapters.
  • Fixed Blue Screen or boot-up Black screen issued caused by interaction with Display Link. Display link is are still incompatible with Direct Mode.
  • Improved OpenGL support in the driver shim.


  • Fixed shadows and some Unity shaders by switching back to a symmetric frustum for rendering.
  • Fixed D3D11 rendering to work.
  • Miscellaneous improvements in stability and timewarp precision.

Known Issues

  • After updating Firmware on Mac OVR Service must be manually restarted. Please select “Restart Service...” in the Configuration Utility.
  • Unity app latency on Mac is higher than in C++ OWD resulting in slightly swimmy display.