Oculus Rift Driver Update 0.4.3 Beta



Oculus has released another update to their SDK bringing the latest version to 0.4.3. Beta.
With this release there are the usual stability improvements, bug fixes and some reduction in Latency. 0.4.3 also adds Experimental Linux support if you're into that. 
One of the nice features is you can disable the health warning that pops up (very annoying)

So far I've not noticed any problems with any games and demos I've been running. Go forth and install.

New Features

Oculus SDK

  • Display Driver latency reduction in Direct Mode by 1 frame, resulting in 0ms Post-present.
  • Updated display driver to support multi-threaded calls efficiently, this may improve performance in some scenarios.
  • Added option in the Oculus Configuration Utility to Suppress the Health and Safety Warning during active development.
  • Added option in the Oculus Configuration Utility to set the OVRServer logging level.
  • Camera centering persists across applications.
  • Updated the Health and Safety Warning screen to reflect an age restriction of 13. More information can be found in the Oculus VR Best Practices Guide and in the Oculus VR Health And Safety Warnings documentation.
  • Experimental Linux support (see included LINUX_README).
  • Added an error dialog notification to notify users if direct mode fails due to conflicting shims.
  • Numerous stability and performance improvements.

  • Unity 4.5.2 and 4.5.5 are supported; 4.5.3 and 4.5.4 are not. Also added support for Unity Free in Unity 4.5.5 and up.
  • Overhauled Unity C# API. Reduced performance overhead. See the migration guide for more details.
  • Improved support for multi-layered rendering. Just instantiate multiple OVRCameraRigs, set Camera.depth and Camera.clearFlags for each eye, and use.

Bug Fixes

Oculus SDK
  • Fixes in Vsync direct mode tearing.
  • Fixed a bug in the D3D10/11 rendering path that was causing the overall brightness of the visuals to change on some systems.
  • Improved OpenGL state management through contexts.
  • Fixed a source of jitter in TimeWarp timing that resulted in shaky images.
  • Removed problematic "out of camera range" message. Will be replaced by an optional camera bounds visualization in a future release.
  • In the editor, Game view rendering no longer targets the wrong view.



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