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HTC Vive does it, and in December the Oculus Rift will do it. On October 6, Oculus announced they would support Room Scale VR during their Keynote event.

The Oculus Rift will no longer be only a sitting or standing experience, but will now let you get up and walk around the room. Oculus will achieve this by selling additional motion trackers at $79 each. You will need a total of three of them to support room scale VR. Since one new tracker will ship with Touch, you only need one extra.

Price of Room Scale with Oculus Touch

To fully support room scale VR, like I mentioned requires three motion trackers. So let's add up the cost.

  1. Oculus Rift $599 (includes one motion tracker)
  2. Oculus Touch $199 (includes one motion tracker)
  3. Additional motion tracker $79
The additional sensors push the total up to $877 which is $78 more than the HTC Vive at $799.

The addition of room scale VR places both the Rift and Vive very close to each other. Which is better? Close call to most people. The Rift is lighter and more comfortable, the controllers are lighter and more intuitive, but you need three sensors, not just two, and it costs $78 more. However, adding up the cost of this and a decent machine I do not think that $78 is going to be the persuading factor. Simply which device do you prefer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.