Oculus Rift Getting Warm? Should I worry?


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Questions from readers come in frequently enough to warrant an article to discuss the "My Oculus Rift is warm, is this a problem?" question.

The quick answer is Not a problem, your Oculus Rift will get warm, even if the Rift is just sitting on your desk and doing nothing.
Is this OK and normal? Yes, perfectly normal.

The consensus is the Oculus Rift becomes warm to prevent fogging when you place the device on your head. If your room is cooler, say in the 65-degree range and you place the Rift on your head. It is likely the lenses will fog until the temperature increases. Since the Rift is already warmed, then fogging is nearly eliminated.

How do I prevent Oculus Rift getting warm?

If you do not want your headset to get warm, the fix is very easy.

  • Shut down your Oculus software.
  • You may need to stop the OCRServices in services.
    In Windows 10, CTRL + ALT + DELETE and select the services tab.
  • Best option, install the Oculus Tray Tool (Download Oculus Tray Tool here)

Oculus Tray Tool

The Oculus tray tool will let you Stop the services very easily. I would suggest checking the Stop Oculus Service when tool exits option as shown above.

Also, the Oculus Tray tool provides a nice way to Super Sample your graphics without jumping into the Oculus Debug Tool.

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