Oculus Rift Press Event Taking Place June 11



Oculus will announce their next big wave of details around the consumer version of the rift on June 11th when Oculus will host their own press event in San Francisco.
Oculus earlier this month announced the shipping of their first Oculus Rift consumer device in Q1 2016 as well as their recommended hardware requirements to run it. The goal of the recommended hardware "is for all Rift games and applications to deliver a great experience on this configuration... Ultimately, we believe this will be fundamental to VR's success, as developers can optimize and tune their game for a known specification, consistently achieving presence and simplifying development."

Also confirmed is the resolution of the Oculus Rift with a dual display 2160×1200 at 90Hz.

May and June is turning out to be a great time for those passionate about Virtual Reality.



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