Oculus Rift Room Scale Accessory now available for pre-order



During Oculus Connect 3 in early October, Oculus stated that room scale VR would be available with the addition of a third sensor to the Oculus setup. As standard, the Rift comes with one sensor, and you'll get another if you purchase the Oculus Touch controllers, but you'll need to buy a third to support room scale. As of today, you can now pre-order the third sensor to support room scale VR. The sensor comes with a 5 meter (16.5 feet) extension cable so you can place it at the back of your room and you will need a USB 2.0 port on your computer. However, in the small print you may notice this comment:

CAUTION: 360° and Room Scale tracking are experimental features

Price of Room Scale with Oculus Touch

To fully support room scale VR, like I mentioned requires three motion trackers. So let's add up the cost.

  1. Oculus Rift $599 (includes one motion tracker)
  2. Oculus Touch $199 (includes one motion tracker)
  3. Additional motion tracker $79
The additional sensors push the total up to $877 which is $78 more than the HTC Vive at $799.

You can pre-order from the accessories page today.



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