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Tuesday at E3 2015 I tried Eve: Valkyrie on the consumer version of the Oculus Rift. Yesterday I tried Eve: Valkyrie on Sony's Project Morpheus thus allowing me to compare both devices. So how do they both stack up against each other?

Oculus Rift vs. Project Morpheus – Eve: Valkyrie

Let’s run through the various criteria important to VR enthusiasts.

Field of View (FOV)

Both headsets appear to be very competitive with each other. Both offer around 100 degrees of vision.

Winner: Tie

Fit, Finish and Comfort

Both devices look great. Morpheus I would say looks “cooler” with the blue glow and space age looking headset. However the Oculus Rift appears more premium.

The Morpheus is a little easier to fit onto your head and easier to adjust but the Oculus allowed me to get a slightly more snuck fit which is more to my liking. 

There is no clear winner here until I can spend many hours with both devices. For now I’ll call it a tie.

Winner: Tie

Screen Door Effect

Before I discuss the appearance of pixels I’ll compare the cold hard specs:

Oculus Rift: Features a dual OLED display 2160×1200 at 90Hz
Project Morpheus: Features OLED display 1080p at 120 Hz

On paper the Rift appears to have the clear advantage. In reality that is mostly true. Morpheus surprisingly had very little visible pixels in the Valkyrie demo. However in the London Heist demo they were more evident but not too distracting.

“Smoothness” and refresh rate Oculus has the clear advantage. Eve: Valkyrie on the Oculus was always smooth as butter no matter how fast I moved my head. With Morpheus the movement was not as smooth but I would not go so far to say it stuttered, just not as smooth as the Rift. This may or may not be a factor of the headset but perhaps the hardware driving it. The PS4 is most likely outputting 60Hz and then up-converted to 120 Hz in the headset.

Winner: Oculus Rift

VR Sound

Sound cannot be directly compared since only Oculus ships with headphones attached. However Oculus includes them and has the option to leave them in the up position or remove them to replace with your own headphones.

Winner: Oculus Rift


Both devices have not yet announced any pricing. However the “total package” price will be far less with the Morpheus as the Oculus will require at least a  $1,000+ PC to drive it.
For those lucky parents of an Oculus Rift Ready PC then the price will most likely be comparable.

Winner: Project Morpheus

Overall - Oculus Rift vs. Project Morpheus

Oculus and Sony both have awesome first generation VR devices. Until both are released and pricing announced we will not know the clear winner. 

At this stage in the very early VR wars (I like this term) the Oculus Device has the edge in pure technology. Assuming of course you have the green to get in the door with the aforementioned PC. If you do then Oculus will be your VR hardware of choice. If you already own a PS4 then adding a Morpheus to your collection would be a nice addition.

Overall Winner: Oculus Rift