Oculus Rift with Blinking Screen and Broken HDMI Cable


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Does your Oculus Rift go dark then turn on? Is your Oculus Rift screen blinking on and off?
Yes? Then you probably have a bad HDMI cable.

The problem will likely appear similar to the video below. Covering the face sensor with a small section of cloth you can easily see the screen turning on then off.

First, you can try reseating the HDMI in the Rift headset by:

  • Hold the front of the headset body in the palm of your hand.
  • Use your other hand to locate the facial interface on the inside of the headset.
  • Grasp tightly onto the plastic part of the facial interface and pull it out gently (do not grab the foam).

Then, check the HDMI cable that plugs into both the headset and your video card. Some users have experienced missing pins as shown below:

Looking at the connectors on both ends of my particular cable, they appeared OK. Please note that the pin on one end will appear recessed as this for power.

If reseating the cable into the headset fails to resolve the problem, then please contact Oculus via their support page. You'll probably need to send them a log from your machine; information gathered during use of the Oculus software. After which Oculus will likely send you a new cable.

Hopefully, as in my case, the new cable will resolve your problem.