Oculus SDK Beta Released



Oculus have updated their SDK to version No new big features to announce in this version as it appears to be mostly a refactoring of the code and the ability to install LibOVR as a dynamic DLL with the runtime.

Oculus Beta SDK New Features:

  • Updated LibOVR to rely on a runtime-installed DLL for better forward compatibility and delivery of bug fixes.
  • Introduced a four-digit runtime versioning scheme: PRODUCT#.MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH (e.g. The last three digits of the scheme map philosophically to Semantic Versioning.
  • Added OpenGL support to OculusRoomTiny.
  • Introduced OculusRoomTiny_Advanced, which supports more SDK features and toggles.
  • Improved DK2 headset USB sleep management on Windows 8.1.
  • Updated the Oculus Configuration Utility to display headset status and diagnostic messages. Users can now view firmware version and serial numbers by hovering over the device image.



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