Oculus Touch Arriving December 6th - What you need to know


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Oculus Touch will start to arrive on the doorsteps of eager pre-order customers today. Thankfully, Oculus appear to have redeemed themselves regarding shipping the hardware when expected. This is in stark contrast to the many months of delays for the Oculus Rift launch due to part delays.

For those of you with Touch hardware arriving shortly. What do you need to know concerning setup, drivers, etc.?

Driver Support

Nvidia has released the latest game ready driver to support all Oculus Touch launch titles. Version 376.19 can be downloaded from the Nvidia site now and includes specific updates to Eagle Flight, Obduction, Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope. The release includes a bunch of non-VR fixes as well, review the release notes for full details.

Oculus Touch Setup and Third Controller

Shipping with Touch includes a second motion tracker. The second motion controller will work with the current tracker to track the hand devices while in their line of sight. The two trackers are designed to be placed in front of you, perhaps on a desk while you stand in front of them. After some experimentation, and much game playing. This setup does work very well when you are facing the trackers. Luckily, most games and experiences naturally have you facing the trackers. However, this is not always the case. Take for example the Zombie game Arizona Sunshine. If a zombie comes up behind you, you are not going to bother resetting your orientation, you are going to spin around and shot that Zombie in the head! Here in lies the problem, when you are facing away from the trackers it will lose the tracking for the Touch controllers. The Zombie is now eating your flesh, it hurts, really hurts. To prevent a Zombie from tearing into your flesh, I highly recommend purchasing a third tracker to place behind you. The third tracker does adequately track your movement in 360-degrees. Oculus does state the third controller as "experimental, " but in my testing, the third tracker did prevent me from turning into the walking dead.

There you have it. Prevent yourself from becoming a Zombie, buy a third tracker for $79.

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