Oculus Voice Search Arrives for Rift and Gear VR


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If you are a fan of Alexa, Siri or Google voice assistants then you will welcome the addition of voice search to Oculus home.

Now before you get too excited, you will not be able to order a pizza or control your automated home from Oculus voice search. The feature is currently in Beta and limited to a short list of features, namely:

  • Find [Insert application]
  • Launch [Insert application]
  • Cancel voice search
  • Recenter
  • Settings

Oculus Home Voice search features

How well does Oculus Voice Search work?

The feature set is enough to enable you to quickly find a game rather than scroll through pages within your library. Certainly, this does speed up finding what you are looking for.
In most cases, it did understand me, except when I searched for "DeoVR" which is a VR video player. Instead, the software returned "Do VR"

The feature has been gradually rolling out to users and should be available to you now.