Kids love gadgets. Parents filling their little hands with something to play with for a moment so they can grab a moment of solitude.

VR in its current form is intended for "near adults and older" Oculus for example has implemented a 13-year-old age limit for its devices until the health effects of virtual reality technology become more clear. When this will become more clear? Anyone's guess since it normally takes long term studies to determine any problem. Just think of other items such as cell phones? Anyone really sure? One year coffee is good for you, and the next bad.

Never fear VR kids all is not lost!  Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe says that he’d like to create a headset for children.

[We figured] let’s start at 13, let’s evolve the technology more, let’s build more confidence in the health and safety side of it,

Brendan said onstage at Re/code’s annual Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. 

One day, we definitely want to have Oculus for kids. Especially for all the educational uses of this.

For those already playing with an Oculus DK2 device and those who have tried their various prototypes there is a health and safety warning. In addition the headset is really designed for larger and therefore non-child like head sizes. So unless your kid has a big head they're pretty much out of luck anyway.

I'll leave you with one last thought. 5 years from now TVs in the back of Minivans and SUVs will be replaced with VR devices.



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