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Ongoing Oculus Height Issues - Possible Fix Found

Height issues continue with the latest 1.14 Oculus software update. Height issues have been around since 1.0. However, the 1.13 update significantly reduced the occurrences.

What is the Oculus height issue anyway?

After you complete the Oculus calibration setup, the system will record your actual height, room size, and room shape. After the calibration is complete, if you were to reach to pick something up from the ground in VR, this will match your real floor. If you are six feet tall in real life, then you will view the world from six feet tall in VR.

The Oculus height issue will manifest itself by incorrectly representing your height within VR. Typically, this happens during gameplay or a VR experience when you may appear, say 4 feet tall. So reaching to grab something from the floor and your hand will hit the floor before you pick up the VR object. Annoying to say the least!

Possible fix to the Oculus Height Issue

User VRFan101 from Reddit has worked out a workaround for the problem in 1.14.


  1. Complete the Oculus Calibration
  2. Browse to the C:\Users(YourUsername)\AppData\Local\Oculus\PersistentDataStore
  3. Look for the file called Calib_WMTD
  4. Change Calib_WMTD to read-only (Right click the file and check the read-only box)

The fix worked for the Reddit user, your mileage may vary. Let us know in the comments below if you still experience height issues in the 1.4 update.

NOTE: If you have ANY reflective surfaces in your VR room, try covering them as they WILL cause issues with tracking.

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