Palmer Luckey Defends Himself and Oculus on Reddit


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Palmer Luckey is back on Reddit again. This time defending himself and Oculus against several irritate Redditors. I find myself comparing him a little to Donald Trump. Both speak their mind, and both are trying to achieve something great.
Trump wishes to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it vs. Palmer has brought Virtual Reality to the masses for the price of a decent TV.
Which one do you think will come true?

Reddit user TTVRaptor started a Reddit after Palmer tweeted:

I prefer production that can keep up with demand, but much prefer shortages to the opposite problem! No burying Rifts in desert landfills.
Palmer is, of course, referring to the case when Atari buried over 700k game cartridges in the desert they could not sell.

TTVRaptor called out some of Luckey's past comments to call out inconsistencies in prior and current comments. To which Palmer replied:

Nice job of slicing and dicing out of context quotes to mean something totally different, particularly cutting out parts of my retail quote where I make the situation very clear:

We’re allocating a limited number of Rifts to select US retail locations for April. Retail is a fine option (though there will be very limited quantities), but by pre-ordering you reserve your place in line. Retail won’t be option for international customers in April.
Half of this stuff is you acting like I lied about things when I did not (we did scale up production, for example, and the Rift uses hybrid optics, not pure fresnels), and the rest is just things changing over time.

Does shit change sometimes? Of course it does. Does that mean I am going to stop speaking my mind because people throw out of context words in my face years later? No, not really. The same people who complain about "lack of transparency" and "sterile, corporate communication" are so very often the same people who berate and hate companies and individuals for anything they ever say that changes at some point.

That is why the majority of companies tell you nothing and keep you in the dark on everything unless it is perfectly constructed to keep secrets secret, offend nobody, and align with every corporate message that has ever been given. They know a vocal minority of people is going to latch on to anything they say or have said and use it to shit on them, and they let it control them.

In 4 more years, people are going to be doing the same thing. "But Palmer, remember the time you said the Rift was seated only?! Remember when you said mobile would never equal the power of PC? Or how about the time you said eye tracking was not feasible and totally stupid? Huehuehue, what a liar, gotcha!" Twist: I don't care, because I would rather say what I think than make sure every word I say stands for all of eternity engraved on a pillar of stone, absolute, unchanging, and rustling the jimmies of no man.
OK. Ladies and gents. Now it is getting fun in here. But wait, there is more. This ultimately leads Palmer to state:

You are an insufferable fanboy sometimes, but this is a pretty great post. Let these comments voyage as deep as the haters take us, I hear the water gets saltier the deeper we go.

Palmer Said What?
"Traditional gamepads are not a good virtual reality input device" ... "Gamepads just don't stack up they are pretty shitty."
How is everyone enjoying their gamepads on the CV1?