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PIMAX 8K VR Headset on Kickstarter. But should you buy one?

PIMAX is upping their resolution again. This time, from their 4K headset all the way up to 8K. The screen inside the headset is not an 8K screen. It is, however, two 4K displays each with 3840×2160 resolution using LCD panels refreshing at 90 Hz and a claimed 200-degree field of view (FOV) with 15ms latency.
The makers of PIMAX claim to have reduced the screen door effect down to almost nothing compared to the likes of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
How will your VR PC drive these two 4K displays you may be thinking?

Brainwarp me?

PIMAX aim to reduce the load on your PC by applying a technique they call Brainwarp. Brainwarp will render and display in a sequence, so only one display is showing an image. The process will alternate at 150/180 times a second which PIMAX claim to not be perceivable by the human eye.

“Brainwarp boosts refresh rate, reduces latency and decreases GPU pressure for Pimax 8K.”

What about content?

The PIMAX 8K device will run content from SteamVR, Oculus and their homegrown PiHome.

What about tracking?

Pretty big claims here as well. PIMAX will work with either Outside-in tracking or inside-out tracking.
Outside-in is how the Rift and Vive track headset movement. Meaning external sensors track your headset to provide 360-degree positioning. PIMAX claims the headset will be compatible with the HTC lighthouses and all steam VR controllers.
Inside-out means no external trackers are required. However, for this to work PIMAX states, you need their self-tracking attachable module. Speaking of modules, PIMAX also claims to provide full hand and finger tracking.

Should you buy one?

If you purchased a DK1 or DK2 and love tinker, then, by all means, take the chance. However, if you like a fully finished and ergonomic product such as the Rift, Vive, or PSVR. Then I would suggest holding off.

With the first PIMAX 4K product, I found it to be uncomfortable, cheaply constructed with dead pixels, and very flaky software.
I do remain hopeful that this time around the product will be greatly improved. If you pick one up from their Kickstarter then you will recieve it around December 2017. Depending on the package you select, pricing starts at $449*

Fingers crossed!

*Note: Some packages are now sold out.