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Until Oculus releases their first consumer device in Q1 2016 we continue to receive spotty Oculus support in existing games. As is always the case there are exceptions such as the excellent Oculus Rift support in Elite Dangerous.

I am happy to say that we can now add the flagship racing simulation Project Cars from Slightly Mad Studios to this list. The studio has recently updated their Project Cars to support the latest Oculus Rift & SDKs and some much appreciated Oculus specific updates such as:

  • Improved support for Oculus Rift rendering to desktop and headset simultaneously.
  • Added command line option -vrfullscreen for use when using second screen, to use whole screen instead of windowed mode.
  • Amended driver head offset when in Oculus Rift mode – defaults to 0.0 but can be set using command line -vreyeoffset amount.
  • Added HUD position editing control keys to the existing HUD editing setup: AD – left/right, WS – up/down, ZE – in/out. (Note that this doesn't save yet between game restarts. We have this working internally now but it missed this patch, so will be coming your way very soon)
  • HUD and Menu system is now located in world and car space instead of attached to the player’s head.

The Oculus SDK added official Windows 10 support so thankfully those games compiled to work under should also work with the recent update. After many hours racing without any problems you can safely install this under

This update to Project Cars finally brings FULL OCULUS MENUS in game. You can put on your headset and leave it there until you cannot hold your pee any longer!
Therefore you no longer need to mess around with OBS in order to duplicate what you see on the main monitor and continually remove the Rift to review the in game menus on the monitor.

Project Cars continues to receive the 10/10 rating by providing a barf free experience but now finally provides a good menu experience. Well done Slightly Mad Studios and thank you!

Project CARS VRCircle Rating

VRCircle barf rating

Barf Factor: 10/10
$49.99 (Steam download)
Performance: 10/10
Overall: 8/10 Lack of VR menus bring down the score.
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf