PSVR 4.5 Improves Cinematic Mode


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Sony released their 4.5 update to PS4 last week which included some nice features for PSVR owners.

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The new 4.5 features that excited me the most was support for VR Movie watching. Sony added the ability to watch 3D Blu-rays on PlayStation VR and improved the Cinematic mode.

Improved Cinematic mode. Is it better?

PSVR Screen size

Sony upconverts any game, normally from 60 Hz to 120Hz. However, this was not the case for the Cinematic mode. With the 4.5 update, the Cinematic mode will also be at 120Hz.

In my viewing of several movies, the quality was improved from before. I tried my old favorite Avatar in 3D Blu-ray and the feeling of being in an IMAX theater is pretty awesome. I would suspect some people may get PSVR just for movie watching. If you have not tried Cinematic mode yet, then go ahead and try it!

For HTC Vive or Oculus Rift owners, never fear. You can watch 3D movies on a giant screen too.

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