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If 2016 was the year of VR hardware, then perhaps 2017 will be the year of the VR Software?

Sony is certainly gunning for the title announcing they will be releasing over 100 PSVR titles in 2017.
Unfortunately, Sony did not disclose the list of all titles releasing in 2017. However, Sony did mention a few such as Ace Combat 7, Final Fantasy XV, Farpoint, Gran Turismo Sport, Tekken 7, and Steel Combat.

Next up on the release of AAA titles from Sony is Starblood Arena, arriving in April. Then in May Sony will release a full VR FSPR shooter Farpoint. Farpoint takes advantage of the new gun controller.

PSVR Gun Controller

We can expect lots of great announcements from Sony during the E3 2017 Event in Los Angeles in June. VRCircle will be there to try out all the new games.