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Six Flags theme parks in Vallejo, California, and Arlington, Texas will unveil the Rage of the Gargoyles Roller Coaster to guests on September 30.

Riders will climb on board a traditional roller coaster and have the option of riding with a Samsung Gear VR headset (no extra fee) Passengers will fly at speeds of 55 mph as they fly off the edge of a building and dash through a cityscape filled with hazardous and flying debris while trying to destroy the master gargoyle!

Are the headsets cleaned? How gross is it?

All parts of the headset that touch a rider’s face and head will be covered with an anti-microbial leather and cleansed between every use with anti-bacterial wipes.  The coaster will have multiple sets so that as a trainload of guests ride the coaster, others can be adjusting their headsets and preparing to board, while additional headsets are being sanitized.

How much nausea will this ride cause? Riders may experience something a little too real fly into their faces.  I suggest you sit at the front.