(Updated: Now Available) Raw Data Coming to Oculus Rift March 2017


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Update 03/17/2017: Raw Data with Oculus Touch is now available from Oculus Home and Steam

Raw data is the first VR game on Steam to earn $1 million in one month. The developer, Survios, achieved this by supporting only the HTC Vive. But what about those with the Rift? Determined fans could get it working, but it was far from ideal.
However, Survios will release an update next month bringing Oculus Rift and Touch support with the 0.6 update. The release will available on Steam early access.

The update includes some nice new features for existing players with the addition of a new mission called “Cataclysm.” The new mission you are in an elevator descending into Eden Corp’s Data Chamber as you fend off waves of the now familiar androids.

If you have not tried Raw Data yet, it is one of the best out there. Highly recommended!