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Real Life ESP with Brain Co

If you could pick a superpower, what would it be? As a child, I used to watch this sitcom called "Out of This World." The main character was a half-alien and half-human teenage girl named Evie, with the ability to freeze time by touching the tip of her index fingers together. That's the power I wanted. I wanted the capacity to use my mind to control the environment around me. What would you do if you could use your brain to control things around you?

Brain Co has brought us this technology by adding a BMI (brain-machine interface) device into wearables to help people improve focus and enhance brain productivity. They've created a headband that monitors brainwaves intended to give the user more control over their brain power.


BrainCo has an interesting product called Lucy. Lucy can detect a user’s brain signal and convert it to control different electronic devices (including toys, smart home appliances, and robotic devices). Check out this short clip.

Imagine the capabilities of using Lucy to aid people with disabilities. If you are on bed rest or injured and can't move, then the Lucy headband can turn devices on or off using just your brain!