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Oculus Rift and Touch bundle $499 After Summer Sale

After the summer sale of the Oculus Rift + Touch at $399 ends. Many have been wondering where the regular price may fall. Head of VR at Oculus, Brendan Iribe has revealed on Twitter the new price will be $499. However, the new bundle will forego the Oculus Remote and XBox controller.

In response to a question on Twitter to the new package prices, Brendon stated:

Saves $100 by removing the Xbox controller and Remote. We're focusing on Touch and wanted a new bundle that's less expensive for everyone.

Dropping the controllers to most people, will make sense. The XBox controller was never a suitable control device and was a stop gap until Touch started shipping. Even Palmer Luckey famously said, "gamepads don't stack up, they are pretty shitty."

Will people miss the remote and game pad? For me at least, I use the remote to change volume or jump to the main menu quickly. It is faster than grabbing a Touch controller. The XBox controller I hardly ever used. Some of the original Oculus games such as Lucky’s Tale launched with controller only support but later added touch support to simulate the controller.

If I were buying now? I would save the money and not bother with the remote or XBox controllers.