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I just watched episode 1 of the new VR series Invisible directed by Doug Liman, of the Bourne Identity, Edge of Tomorrow, and 30 Ninjas.

Set in modern day Manhattan, the dynastic Ashland family has passed on a gene that gives them an extraordinary ability, which has enabled them to accumulate vast amounts of power and wealth. As the modern generation faces diminished skills and more scrutiny than ever before, the birth of an exceptional new child draws public interest, and their family secret teeters on the brink of becoming exposed.

Episode 1 introduces you to the characters and the “invisible being.”
As anyone who has watched VR live action can relate, the experience is very different from any passive viewing on TV or in the theater. Rather that viewing whatever angle the director wants you to see, you can look in any direction you want in full 360-degree. With the freedom of 360 degrees viewing you now take ownership of looking where you want, and frankly, I found it very distracting. There were a few times I missed a few scenes because I was looking in the wrong direction. The acting also appeared “less real” than on TV; perhaps this is because of the resolution. Each episode last justs 5 minutes but is certainly worth a look. However, I personally still prefer sitting back on my couch and watch TV as it exists today. I do think that once the resolution of the headset improves, therefore improving on realism, the appeal for the medium will increase.

On a technical note, the audio in Invisible is delivered by the new Dolby Atmos, a new audio format for creating and playing back multichannel movie soundtracks. It was developed to give movie sound a more three-dimensional effect.

You can watch Invisible from Oculus Home, Gear VR and any cardboard device via the Jaunt VR app.