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Review of Oculus Rift Replacement Covers from VR Cover

Your VR headset is strapped to your head and absorbs all the excitement of your VR experiences. When I say excitement, I am referring to your sweat. Gross!

VR Cover has you covered by allowing you to replace parts of your headset with washable and more comfortable parts. VR Cover sells replacements for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR and Sony PSVR. Today, I take a look at some items for the Oculus Rift.

VR Cover Oculus Rift Replacement Facial Interface

Oculus Rift Replacement Facial Interface box

VR Cover have reverse engineered the original facial interface from Oculus but improved upon the original design. The VR Cover facial interface allows you to replace the various foam, velour or washable covers onto their facial interface. The different covers are attached by a velcro-like material on the back.

VR Cover Replacement Facial Interface Box

VR Cover provides two versions. The regular version is the same dimensions as the original Oculus. The eyewear version is designed to fit with the VR Cover lens inserts.

To install, just remove the existing Facial Interface by pushing it up and away from the headset. Then take your VR Cover facial interface and add whatever cover you like and insert back onto the Oculus Rift.

The replacement facial interface starts at $49 and includes a set of covers.

VR Cover Oculus Rift Foam

In the picture below. I compare the original Oculus Rift facial interface (top) with the VR Cover Oculus Rift Replacement facial interface (bottom) with the foam installed.

Unfortunately, in the unit I received. The foam cover was a little too long for the facial interface. As such, when worn it pinched my nose and renders it not usable. In comparing my unit with the detailed pictures on the VR Cover website, it appears mine may be a bad unit. I have reached out to VR Cover to see if this is common.

Updated 03/22/2017

After some email exchanges with Ryan at VR Cover. Ryan suggested an alternative technique to resolve the problem with the cover touching my nose. Ryan suggests attaching the foam in the method shown below:

Method to attach VR Cover foam

I then tried this technique on my own headset which resulted in the following result:

VR Cover foam corrected

The foam is a little more bunched but does not seem to result in a loss of comfort and it no longer pinches my nose.

VR Cover Oculus Rift Washable Cover

Oculus Rift VR Cover installed
The Oculus Rift replacement cover fits easily over your existing Oculus Rift Facial Interface. To install, simply remove the existing faceplate by pushing it up and away from the headset. The cover is easily wrapped around it, then install the faceplate back onto the headset. With the new cover installed, the headset is still comfortable but with the added benefit of now being washable. A big plus!

VR Cover Oculus Rift Foam Replacement Velour

VR Cover Oculus Rift Foam Replacement Velour

The Velour adds a sense of luxury to your headset. The cover fits easily onto the VR Cover facial interface. It is comfortable and soft and is an improvement over the Oculus original. However, one word of caution when installing. Since it is a little wider than the original from Oculus, make sure it does not cover the sensor causing the rift to turn on when unattended.

The VR Cover Velour retails for $29 and includes two items.

VR Cover Oculus Rift Summary

Should you buy one? Personally, I find the Oculus Rift headset already comfortable and don't particularly feel the need to enhance it. Adding the washability is certainly a nice feature. However, the cost to add the "cleanliness" will probably put most people off. If your headset is getting gross, then sure, go ahead and try them. If looking for more comfort, just wait for CV2.

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