Rigs on PSVR is a must own title for PlayStation Owners


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Sony has confirmed that there will be no more DLC coming to Rigs after the recent closure of developer Guerilla Cambridge.

Rigs on PSVR is the kind of game VR owners on any platform have been waiting for. Rigs on PSVR is akin to Doom or Unreal tournament in its multiplayer gameplay. It is fast, hectic, and explosions and gunfire are all around you.

Rigs Pros:

  • Fun, fun, and fun!
  • Great graphics and gameplay
  • Intense multiplayer action for the PSVR

Rigs Cons:

  • Rigs has some lengthy load times and sometimes long matchmaking delays while it searches for suitable opponents.
  • Need a strong stomach for the motion you will experience.

In the next few months, the developer plans to release new maps, mechs, abilities, game modes, and some new features to make *Rigs* even better than it is today.

Rigs is a must buy for PSVR owners!