Robinson The Journey Made Me Cry - PC Gamers Will Cry Too


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In beautiful Paris this week Crytek showed off their impressive looking Dino Adventure - Robinson the Journey. Robinson the journey is based on two tech demos Back to Dinosaur Island and Back to Dinosaur Island 2.

Over the last few years, these demos have been shown on the Oculus Rift Crescent Bay prototype causing avid Oculus and Crytek fans to look forward to the day when they can play with, and most likely be trampled on by a dinosaur. Just thinking about this brought a tear to my eye. However, the news from Paris made me cry with large Dino tears.

Why would a grown man cry you ask? Crytek is known for releasing bleeding edge PC games that bring your PC to its knees. Therefore when Crytek announced Robinson The Journey would be a PS4 Exclusive, tears flowed down my face.

Combining the breathtaking immersion made possible by PlayStation VR and the game-changing power of CRYENGINE, Crytek today announced a partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment to bring new IP “Robinson: The Journey” exclusively to the upcoming PlayStation®4 virtual reality platform. 
Marcel Hatam Brand Manager for CryENGINE in a string of tweets suggests there is not much chance of the game coming to PC.

I am not a fan of exclusive titles on any device. However, the economics of expensive game development these days is making it far more widespread. If you wish to play with Dino's you'll need to grab a PS4 and PlayStation VR.

One statement you'll never read: "Will it run Robinson The Journey."?

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