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Robo Recall is a great exclusive title for the Oculus Rift and touch controllers. Robo Recall has you shooting and ripping the limbs off Robots who have turned against humanity. However, not all the features are well known. So here are my top tips and tricks for Robo Recall to improve your Robot destroying techniques.

Ripping Robot Body Parts off

You can grab any robot and rip off their body parts. You can also hit them which is especially usual when they are jumping on you, just wack 'em. Doing this will also increase your score multiplier too.

When you take down a Robot

When you take down a robot, teleport to the same spot and collect the parts to increase your multiplier.

Pick up new weapons

If a Robot drops a gun you want, then teleport to it and pick it up.

Catch a rocket and throw it back

Once you grab a rocket, do not throw it back. Throwing the rocket does not increase the speed of the weapon. Simply aim the rocket and release. This technique will greatly help you with Odin.

Instant Reload

Bounce your weapons off an enemy will give you instant reload.

Grab and use the Robots as a Weapon

You can grab robots and use them as a weapon. The bots that fire the continuous laser beam at you. Well, you can grab them and use it as a weapon to fire on other robots. This technique applies to the crawlers and rocket launching Robots.

You can swipe away bullets

During attacks. You can swipe the bullets away from you in a swiping arm motion with your gun.

Throw your guns

Once your weapon is exhausted of its ammo, you can still use it by simply throwing it at the Robot.

If anyone has any Robo Recall Tips and Tricks, I have not listed. Please let me know in the comments below, and I'll add them.