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Update: Read Full Review on the Royole Moon Mobile Theater

CES 2017 in Las Vegas and we are strapping an IMAX theater to our head. Of course, this just simulates a curved IMAX screen measuring 800 inches at 20 meters away. Is it any good and should you buy one?

Royole Moon 3D Home Theater, which we will just call the "Moon" features 2 1080p AMOLED displays with 3000 pixels per inch which work together to make it appear as if there were an IMAX screen in front of you. I will say, it does a better job at doing this than any other headset I have seen. Including the Rift and Vive. However, I would say the effect is not as good as a real IMAX theater. The screen is just not that big but is big enough.
You may think 1080p dual screens is not that much, but remember the pixels are focused on the screen in front of you, they are not anywhere else so you have a very sharp picture. I could not make out any discernable pixels, and there are no God Rays (lens flare) often found on other headsets.

Royole Moon 3D Home Theater Connectivity

You can hook up any HDMI device via the breakout box attached to the headset. Essentially, the headset works as a monitor so you can connect it to any device such as XBox, PlayStation, PC or even your phone. The breakout box also has Wi-Fi access so you can stream YouTube directly to the headset.

How does the screen compare to the Avegant Glyph?

I tried the Avegant Glyph during CES 2016, and the Moon is superior in the size of the screen with far less visible pixels.

Royole Moon 3D Home Theater Specifications

  • 2 AMOLED Displays with 3000 pixels per inch at 60Hz
  • Battery life is about 5 hours of continuous play.
  • The Moon headset is based on Andriod and will receive updates over the air
  • Available in three colors, white, black and gold (in the video)
  • Headphones: Active noise cancelling, 8Hz to 20kHz, 300Ω±10%, 105±3dB/mW@1kHz
  • Hook up any HDMI device via the breakout box
  • Wi-Fi, for example, YouTube.
  • Available from various online resellers such as Amazon for MSRP of $799
Should you buy one? If you already have a large TV and full access to it (no kids or wife) then stick with the TV. However, if the kids are often watching Sponge Bob or you spend a lot of time on a plane, then, yes, go ahead and pick one up. Of course next year there will be something better, but that is always the case!