Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera for Sale During Lollapalooza Event


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The Samsung Gear 360 VR camera is for sale, kind of, yet again. Some background is required here.

Samsung announced the launch of their 360-degree camera, the Gear 360, in February at the MWC in Barcelona. The problem is it never showed up for sale. The Gear 360 then made an appearance at the VidCon convention in Anaheim California in June where visitors could purchase the camera for $350.

Starting today, the Gear 360 will be available for sale at the Lollapalooza event which runs until July 31st.

Samsung America’s Chief Marketing Officer Marc Mathieu said:

Lollapalooza is an excellent opportunity for us to connect fans to their favorite music using our mobile and VR technology. We are thrilled to partner with the festival in this unique way, delivering new possibilities in content creation and content consumption through Samsung products, and allowing fans to have a deeper connection to our brand.

Samsung appears to be testing the VR camera waters before releasing their camera into the wild. If you want to pick one up outside of Lollapalooza event, you can try your hand with eBay where sellers there are shipping the camera directly from Korea for the same $350 asking price.

Samsung Gear 360 for Sale on eBay

The Samsung Gear VR camera features two 180 degree fish-eye lenses with the ability to switch between 360 and 180-degree video recording. It will be able to record 3840 x 1920 footage in dual lens mode and 1920 x 1920 in the single lens mode.