Samsung Gear VR Launch Title Announced - Gunner



After years of developers creating demos and add-ons for existing games. Developers have not really had a lot of time to prepare for Samsung's Gear VR which will hopefully be available to early adopters in December.

UK studio nDreams has co-developed with Oculus one of the first launch titles called Gunner for Gear VR.

As an elite "Gunner" it is your job to hold back the invading forces. To aim and shoot, simply look at the enemy and it will fire automatically. It’s certainly a more arcade style game and you have a 180 degree view vs. 360 degrees. So you will not need to be constantly turning your head to look around. In true arcade fashion you'll get the usual power-ups, double damage, missiles and Shields.

Will this compete with Star Conflict? graphically, certainly not. But hey, this is a Note 4 with not power supply. Pretty cool if you ask me.

With any luck I will be able to try out Gunner at CES 2015 (fingers crossed)



Steven Paterson

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