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Showcasing Cool ARKit Videos by Developers

With Apple announcing ARKit at the WWDC event last month is certainly one of the biggest AR announcements of the year, perhaps even so far. Why? Becuase this will help push AR into the mainstream conversation. All anyone needs to try ARKit is one of the recent iPhone or iPad models to get in on the AR action.

To give you a taste of what we can expect. Here are some of my favorite and coolest ARKit videos created by developers so far:

Apple AR Kit airplane walkaround

This video reminds me of those videos people take of drivers unable to park their car.

Invite someone/something into your bedroom.

How about the SpaceX Falcon 9 landing in your pool?

Schwifty dancing in the living room

Finally, cannot wait for your Tesla Model 3? Then add the car to your yard with ARKit!