Sightline: The Chair - VR Experience


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Sightline: The Chair was one of the winners of the Best Overall VR Experience during the very First Virtual Reality Game Awards.
Sightline is somewhat similar to the Welcome to Oculus Demo in that the developer's purpose is to demonstrate what can be achieved in a VR seated experience.

SightLine: The Chair, is a surreal experience designed as a demoing tool. Crafted to throw users into the world of VR, and show off it's full potential both in creating variety of worlds that feel real and creating realities that behave unlike anything you might know.
This experience is based off the gaze-direction mechanics of the award winning prototype "SightLine", originally developed for the 2013 VR Jam sponsored by Oculus VR and IndieCade.

Download Sightline: VR Chair Experience


  • WASD/Arrows/D-Pad - Menu control
  • Spacebar / (A) - Menu confirm / Continue (in user controlled mode)
  • F12 / Left Ctrl / Right Trigger - reset camera
  • M - toggle mirroring
  • F - cycle performance information (none/FPS/detailed)

The experience itself doesn't require any input. Just put on a Rift and look around!

The developer has plans to create a full blown game based on these experiences. You can support them 
by liking them on Facebook or voting on Greenlight. There will be a KickStarter coming soon.

Cost: FREE
Barf Factor: 10/10
Performance: 10/10
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf