SoCalVR Event Is Sold Out!



The SoCal VR Event is now officially sold out. Even the $50 VIP tickets for ballers are sold out.

SoCalVR is a collection of content creators, developers, film makers, journalist, audio professionals, engineers, artists, and creative people every where in between. Those who bought the VIP tickets will get access to the demo floor at 11 am, 2 hours early and can sit in on the VIP panel at noon. 

The event agenda includes:

Room 1: The Cove – 360 broadcast by VRLive.tv

  1. VIP Panel: Bringing VR to the Mainstream - moderated by Jonnie Ross
  2. Immersive Gaming Experiences - moderated by Dave TaylorV
  3. R for Themeparks, Arcades, Theatres, and Carnivals
  4. The Art of Presence: Storytelling in VR - moderated by Duncan Trussell

 Room 2: The ROC – recorded in 360 by Vrideo

  1. The Future of Journalism - moderated by Matthew Terndrup
  2. Building Virtual Worlds
  3. Portals into the Metaverse: Sports, Concerts, and Social VR - moderated by Bruce Wooden
  4. Reaching Mass Markets through Adult Entertainment

University of California Irvine
5141 California Ave 
Irvine, CA 92617

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