Sony Announces More PlayStation VR Games


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During the Sony PlayStation Experience event Sony announced some additional games adding to their already impressive list of PlayStation VR titles.

  • Ubisoft is adding Eagle Flight, where you fly as an Eagle through the streets of Paris in single or two-player modes.
  • Santa Monica Studios is developing a new VR title called The Modern Zombie Taxi Co., which has the player drive zombies around in their new town. Interesting...
  • Rez Infinite is a psychedelic shooter first released back in 2002.
  • No Goblin are making a game which combines large robots and golf to create 100ft Robot Golf.
  • Tim Schafer announced a Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin
  • Popular flight arcade/simulation series is coming with Ace Combat 7. Cockpit bases games are always good in VR so this should be one to watch.
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