Sony Project Morpheus Virtual Reality Review



Sony Project Morpheus Virtual Reality Review

VRLA, Los Angeles at Sony’s PlayStation booth.  It’s time to try the London Heist technical demo on the Sony Project Morpheus, developed by Sony’s World Wide Studios (WWS) London.

Headset is on and “glow stick” in each hand. The demo starts with me seated in a chair. Sitting in front of me is a rather muscular looking English gangster. He blows cigarette smoke in my face.

He proceeds to stand up, shout at me, and grab a blow torch, presumably not with the intention of roasting some marshmallows. I'm feeling nervous...

Thankfully a cell phone call interrupts him. Apparently it is for me.

I stand up and use the controller to grab the phone and hold it up to my right ear. The motion feels very natural and intuitive. 

The scene then cuts to me behind a desk with a flashlight laying on the table. I grab the flashlight with my right hand and open drawers with my left. Using the light I find a hand gun and some clips in a drawer. Grabbing the gun with my right hand and loading a clip with my left, I am ready. For what, I don’t yet know. In anticipation I await the inevitable onslaught of bad guys. Suddenly they burst into the room and the shooting begins. I take out about 6 bad guys before running out of clips. Looks like my aim is not too good. I crouch behind the desk trying to avoid the rest of the bullets, but not for long, I’m dead and the demo is over.

Sony Project Morpheus Highlights

Resolution & Screen-Door Effect

We all know the Morpheus device is 1080p, the screen-door effect appeared a little better than the DK2 but not as good as the Oculus Crescent Bay.

Refresh Rate

The demo was native 60fps 1080p on the PS4 and then up converted to 120 Hz for the Morpheus headset.


The Morpheus is a little lighter than the DK2 with an improved head strap mechanism. The DK2 would fall slightly forward from your face when you look all the way down. The Morpheus was very secure on my head.

Consumer Availability

Available: Q2 2016

Sony Project Morpheus Conclusion

The seemingly all important screen-door effect was noticeable, but as others have said if the game is exciting, you forget all about it. The demo was certainly exciting and even, dare I say it, a little scary when the gangster is shouting at me or when the bullets are flying.

The Morpheus would certainly be good enough to get me excited about consoles again. Unless of course when Morpheus is released I already own an HTC Vive and/or Oculus Rift CV1.



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