Spermination - Going Where No VR Game Has Gone Before


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In VR you can travel in Space, fly the skies, and swim the oceans, all standard-fare in the gaming world. Phr00t's Software does not do "Standard", here comes Spermination with a unique take on what can you do in VR.

Prepare your load with lasers, ion torpedos & heavy armor to withstand the onslaught. Only the toughest will survive to the egg. Even if you don't survive, find & earn deposits for your Sperm Bank to purchase new equipment. If you win, what will your baby gnome look like? Gnomelings come in all shapes, colors & sizes, so don't worry if it looks a little... off. Your bundle of joy will be gestated as a trophy. You might end up in your loved one's stomach, though! What happens if you are the Prime Digest then? 

Each uterus (or throat) is procedurally generated & populated with defenses. The deeper you go, the harder it gets! 

Game also supports the Oculus Rift, so you can experience the majestic violence first hand! 
This is the craziest sperm racing shooter ever devised. Give it a shot! 

Yes, folks, you play as an actual sperm, with lasers and armor. Their slogan is "Fight the battle you've already one..."

If you dare, Spermination is available from SteamVR $2.99 ($1.19 till July 4)