Star Citizen Gameplay - Orbit to Surface


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Citizen Con 2014,  Cloud Imperium's upcoming space epic Star Citizen in Los Angeles were proudly showing off their latest demo flying from space, landing on a planet and walking around. The landing part appears largely automated so for those hoping to be able to fly down through the clouds and over cities you'll be a little bummed. Elite dangerous also mentioned they'll do planet landings after the game launches although nothing concrete about that.

The frame rate does drop a few times, that's because it's a capture of a stream, not from the game itself.

In this demo (all rendered in real time) you jump in from Hyperspace then get up out of your seat and walk around the ship a little. Freedom is pretty nice here.
It then progresses to a nicely animated albeit automated landing sequence. Once you land you can walk around pretty freely. All in all I look forward to this game and pushing what PC gaming systems can do.