Star Conflict - Best Game Yet For Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 DK2


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Opinions are like assh$#@%, everyone has one. In my opinion Star Conflict is the best Oculus Rift game so far. Elite Dangerous is not released yet so cannot be included, ask me again on December 16th.

Star Conflict is a 3rd person space shooter developed by the Russian studio Targem Games. The menu layouts are laid out nicely and fully readable in the game. After a good hour of playing (one pee break) I experienced only minor motion sickness resulting in a pretty good 8/10 Barf rating. If you suffer from motion sickness then cut back on Roll left/right.


  • Use the "Extend Desktop to the HMD" Display Mode.
  • The Oculus Service does not need to be paused.
  • Close or minimize any 3D enabled tools (especially Unreal Editor)
  • Use ATI or NVidia Control Panel to force 75 FPS on the Rift Monitor
  • Launch the game from Steam.
  • In game select Options - Oculus Rift and then check Enable Oculus.
    The resolution you set in the graphics menu make no affect with this option selected.

Home Button: resets the view (This can be remapped to say F12 if you prefer)
Mouse: Aim and fire and ship travels in direction of pointer
Oculus: Look around
Keyboard Q: Bank Left
Keyboard E: Bank Right
Keyboard W: Accelerate
Keyboard S: Slow down
Keyboard A: Slow turn Left
Keyboard D: Slow turn right

Download Star Conflict From Steam (FREE)

Cost FREE: In game purchases available
Barf Factor: 8/10 (Little motion sickness)
Performance: 10/10 Max Settings
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf