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Starfighter - Colonial Defense Force is a VR space combat game. With the arrival of VR, space combat games are nothing new. So what is new with Starfighter CDF?

Chatting with founder Shaun Williams of Magstudiosm games, a UK-based development house. Shaun says Starfighter is reminiscent of the 90s space combat games such as Freespace, Wing Commander and TV shows like Babylon 5 and BSG.

CDF Starfighter is still at the early access stage but already has several playable features such as:

Key Features:

Designed For VR:

Designed for Virtual Reality from the ground up with a pickup and play control system using a game-pad.

Non-Linear Campaign (Coming soon):

Campaign mode offers a story-driven campaign which will vary and have different endings based on how you play.

6 unique playable ships:

Fly some of the most advanced ships in the CDF Fleet.  Each ship is role specific and suited towards certain missions.

4 Single Player Game Modes:

4 different game modes offer challenges, simulations, a campaign and a scramble mode for random instant action.

Player Stats, Leaderboards & achievements:

PC and console versions will have stats and leaderboards as well as achievements and trading cards

Fuel & ammo management :

Fuel and ammo are valuable commodities in war!  You can refuel, repair and re-arm during some missions.

Single Player & Multiplayer:

A huge emphasis on single player content and community-driven multiplayer development.

Download Starfighter - Colonial Defense Force from Steam

Project Starfighter VRCircle Rating

VRCircle barf rating

The campaign mission is currently not available which is really what I am looking for. There are training as well quick combat type missions. If Eve: Valkyrie was not around then this would be a bit of fun space-based VR. Until the campaign is available, I'll continue to play Eve: Valkyrie.

Currently priced at $22.49 on Steam. CDF supports the Oculus Rift Consumer (and DK2), HTC Vive and OSVR.

Once the campaign is up and running, I will eagerly be taking a second look.

Barf Factor: 10/10 (No motion sickness, smooth gameplay)
Cost: $22.49 (Steam download)
Performance: 10/10
Overall: 7/10 Still early stages, needs more polish with controls and the completion of campaign mode.

Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf