Super Bowl is coming, but not in VR


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Every year, families friends and fellow drunk people gather around to watch the yearly Super Bowl. This year, with the growth of the VR industry, I and many others were hoping for some Football action in VR. I wanted to watch the game in VR from various angles and even from the players perspective. Well, alas, I cannot. So can you do?

If you watch on Fox Sports, they are offering 360 Cam shots from players helmets. Fox collaborated with Intel to be able to provide various perspectives of play during the game. However, it is entirely controlled by Fox with zero user interaction on TV.

NextVR, one of the big players in VR video are offering highlights after the game direct from their site.

Fox may provide some highlights in their virtual "man cave" online, but again, it is not VR that I can control.

Overall, a complete VR bummer for sports fans. Maybe next year?