Swedish Startup Jumps into VR with their Moggles HMD


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Swedish startup based in Stockholm and Sundsvall, Sweden have released their vision into VR called the Moggles. As a fan of Harry Potter, my first thought is how similar it sounds to Muggles.

The Moggles VR headset is a foldable and lightweight, portable VR headset. The headset folds into itself in the form of a hard protective case. Once folded, Moggles measures 50 mm or 2 inches thick.

"We have designed our VR headset to be wearable without compromising the necessary parameters for a comfortable VR experience: precise optics, comfortable fit, and no light leaks."

says Daniel Sandvik, Co-Founder, and CEO at Moggles.

The Moggles VR Headset has a removable hatch in the front to reveal the smartphone camera for augmented reality (AR) usage. The VR headset is compatible with all smartphone brands with phone display sizes up to 6" size.

The headset when folded contains space for the remote control and your headphones.

Moggles is available today priced at €55.20, and the remote at €8.00. For US customers you will also pay to ship at €5.00. The total for the headset, remote, and shipping is €68.20 or $79.

Moggles has the potential to be a great device to easily carry with you on your daily bus or train commute. It can also sure beat the usual in plane entertainment options. Once I receive a review unit, I will provide an update.

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Moggles Specs

  • Portable and collapsible
  • Fits all smartphones from 4" to 6" in size
  • Easily slide your phone into Moggles
  • Dimensions: W160 x D98 x­ H50mm
  • Weight: 254g or 9oz
  • Eye distance adjustment
  • Collapsible casing

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