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The developer of Technolust (one of the coolest demos around) has released a tech demo called TECHNOLUST: A Way Out for the PC. Mac version is coming soon apparently.
In the demo there is a small stereo system playing some dance music and a woman attached to a chair wearing an Oculus. For the men out there, she is rather, womanly. That is all I will say...
As you walk around the room and listen to the music. You really get a sense from where the music is coming from and how far away it is. By far the best positional audio I've heard yet. 
The demo is short but worth trying if you are part of the TECHNOLUST beta program.


R: Resets Camera Position.
Movement: WASD + Mouse, Xbox Controller
Action: Left Mouse Button, Xbox A
Flashlight: Middle Mouse Button, F, Xbox X
Quit: ESC

Here is the news release from the developer:

This is a small tech demo, showing off 3D positional audio and fully animated 3D photoscans in VR. I have partnered with the fine folks at Quantum Capture to bring you photo realistic human NPC's. The 3D positional audio system is provided by RealSpace3D (who's technology has recently been licensed by Oculus). Combined, I think it makes for a mind blowing experience.

As mentioned, this is simply a Tech-demo. The story in the scene may not make sense without the context of the full game. This is a good thing though. No spoilers ;)

This is not representative of the final experience. Much work is still being done to improve the animation of the NPC's. In the end, the will not only look better, but have full facial animation based on the real actors performances. 

There is a readme file included with controls and credits. Of note are the Flashlight (F/Middle Mouse/PAD-X) and Camera Position Reset (R/PAD-Y).

This is not highly optimized, but has been tested on a GTX 760 graphics hard and maintained the required 75fps.

As with the last release, this is not a public beta. Please do not share the link. You are of course free to show and tell, blog and write about it. 

Oh! Please make sure you have the Oculus 0.4.4 runtimes installed and your firmware is up to date as well.

Cost: FREE to those already subscribed to the BETA
Barf Factor: 10/10 (demo too short to cause any problems)
Performance: 10/10 Max Settings
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf