Technolust Beta 4.4 First Look


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Developer IRIS V.R. this week updated their Technolust Beta to 4.4. Available only to those who backed on Kickstarter or pre-ordered the game.

Technolust 4.4 Beta Highlights

  • A few placeholder NPCs and a new Photoscan test.
  • Title Screen / Save system MURC system (Visit phone booths to save and fast travel)
  • Added more 3D positional audio from Realspace3D 
  • Lots of tweaks and optimizations The Wastelands (Incomplete) 
  • The Abandoned Android Factory (Incomplete)
  • Needful Things - Shop on Mitnik Ave. (Incomplete)
  • Amity's Apartment - From the hallway after the first area 
  • More Music from Crushfield 
  • Beginnings of Kickstarter backer rewards
Technolust 4.4 Beta 
With many games claiming VR support and many of those failing miserably in their VR menu systems (looking at you Assetto Corsa) it is nice to see games written for VR in mind.
4.4. Beta features a whole new 3D menu system. The menu allows you to start a new game placing you in the same room as the first beta or the room from 
TECHNOLUST: A Way Out. Alternatively you can start in any of the new scenes such as The Wastelands and the Abandoned Android Factory. 
The Wastelands although not finished is a very large space with lots of detail. You can climb hills, look into the distance explore some buildings and look in their windows. Eventually you'll find the Abandoned Android Factory which is not yet that detailed and it appears most of the corridors are simply generated. You will see some nice details in there such as wires falling from the ceiling and nice window effects.
3D positional audio continues in this demo as it did in the TECHNOLUST: A Way Out. So make sure you have your nice headphones dusted off, the sound and atmospheric music really help to add to the immersion.

If you'd like to try Technolust for yourself. Head on over to their pre-order page

R: Resets Camera Position.
Movement: WASD + Mouse OR Xbox Controller
Action: Left Mouse Button, Xbox A 
Flashlight: Middle Mouse Button, F, Xbox X 
Quit: ESC 

SPACEBAR: Oculus Menu / FPS
F1: Skips level