The Alien Desert 360 Degree Movie In 4K


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Download The Alien Desert 360° Movie In 4K

The Alien Desert is a 360 degree movie by DRYFT who specialize in filming natural scenery and to "Celebrate the infinite beauty and diversity of nature". DRYFT combine 360 video with time-lapse techniques to create a unique VR experience.
If you click the download button from the above link this will take you to the download page to download the 2K video. There is also a link on the same page for the 4K download. I recommend the 4K version as long as you have a half decent video card.
In terms of the best way to play this back. You may play this either on the VRPlayer (Click for instructions for VRPlayer) or my new personal favorite the Virtual Desktop (I do not  abbreviate to VD for obvious reasons) which now supports video hardware acceleration.

Refresher on the Virtual Desktop Setup:

  • You will need the latest Oculus 0.4.4 Runtime
  • Ensure your monitor is set up as the main display, NOT your DK2
  • Primary Monitor 

  • Load videos from the Video Player tab in the virtual desktop

Virtual Desktop For Oculus Rift DK2



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