The Apollo 11 Virtual Reality Experience


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The demo starts off on the Apollo 11 launchpad. You make your way up the elevator and into the control module of the Saturn V. As you sit there checking out the gauges, Apollo 11 launches and a few minutes later you're in orbit and objects start to float around you. Check out the view from the window. Pretty neat.

The Apollo 11 VR window view

The Apollo 11 VR Experience was originally on Kickstarter seeking €30,000. In the end, the developers managed €34,794. The experience is primary intended as an educational experience but certainly a good experience to anyone.

Using NASA archive footage and audio we have created an inspirational journey that we hope will engage students and give them a better understanding of what took place way back in 1969. We don’t just want kids to read about history we want them to experience history as a living entity that they can relate to.

Most people find the Apollo 11 experience an emotional one. I and many others often find the experience very emotional since you get to experience one of the greatest achievements of all humankind.
Will you to be brought to tears? Download the demo and find out!

Download the Apollo 11 VR Demo on Oculus Rift from Oculus Home

Download the Apollo 11 VR Demo from Steam for Rift or HTC Vive

Key features of the Apollo VR experience include:

  • Archive footage and NASA audio of the real event
  • Launch & Flight to Lunar orbit
  • Command & Lunar Module docking
  • Lunar landing
  • Lunar surface operations
  • Lunar ascent and return
  • Splashdown